We Adhere To

Facility Security

Identify Designated Screening Area (DSA) and implement required access controls, etc. Identify Designated Screening Area (DSA) and implement required access controls, etc.

  • During non-operational periods the CCSF must ensure that the DSA is locked or monitored (constant in-person surveillance) if screened freight is present.
  • Prior to removing any screened cargo from the DSA, the we initiate chain of custody measures.

Personnel Security

All employees have successfully completed Security Threat Assessments (STAs)

Employee Training

We train anyone who screens, handles screened cargo, or has unescorted access to the DSA.


Our facilities follow screening measures that meet TSA’s standards:

  • Cargo is screened on the piece level.
  • Cargo screened utilizing the approved technology list
  • All persons conducting screening must be:
    • U.S citizens or Permanent Resident Card holders.
    • Able to follow notification procedures.
    • Able to read, write, and understand English well enough to carry out instructions regarding
    • screening duties, or must be under the constant in-person observation of someone who has this ability.

Controlled Access

Authorized Access Only

  • We maintain access controls at facilities
  • Both physical and personnel security.
  • STA, ID media measures in place.
  • Identified designated screening area (DSA) and ensure that unauthorized access is prevented at all access points.

Extensive Employee Training Means
You Save Money

Having undergone extensive employee training, facility inspections and having met building security requirements, CertifiedCargoScreening.net is able to eliminate the additional costs associated with mandatory third-party screeners and at the same time, we are able to improve time-to-delivery to our customers by avoiding the inevitable bottlenecks that will occur at airport screening facilities.