A Few Words About Us

Independent Cargo Screening Provider

DGD is a participant in the TSA's Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). We offer cargo screening services to shippers, forwarders, and carriers.

As an independent cargo screening provider, DGD understands the government regulations and agencies surrounding the security of today's transportation industry. Our independent approach to adhere to those regulations is a direct reflection of who we are. We understand the value of getting it right the first time. Our teams of professional cargo screeners are equipped with advanced technology that allows us to screen large volumes of freight without compromising cut-off times due to invasive procedures.

Our Facilitates

TSA-directed Standards

  • Adhere to increased TSA-directed security standards
  • Initiate chain of custody
  • Permit onsite validations
  • Subject to TSA Cargo Inspector (TSI-C) inspections
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Transportation Security Administration

Transportation Safety Administration
(TSA) Certified

One of only 36 manufacturers in the U.S. who have successfully completed the stringent process, CertifiedCargoScreening.net is now able to bring this mandatory inspection regimen in house, resulting in reduced costs and improved customer service.